Overview "Busyhouse with lighting for children - educational toys" - development of motor skills and fine motor skills. Motor skills in infants and motor skills in children online shop Bim-Ba.shop

Colorful busy house with lighting will not leave any child indifferent. It consists of 6 functionally filled areas. Inside the house there are two floors. Works like a night light! The color of the light inside the house is white. The light color of the flashlight is blue or white.

22 learning elements:
- Sorter animals with lacing
- Geobord with chopsticks and rubber bands
- Rotatable cards with numbers
- Rotating cards with geometric shapes
- sound element
- Zipper
- Velcro fastener
- Clock with moving arrows
- drawer
- Drum with pictures of body parts
- wooden massager
- Rings on elastic
- Two doors with three locks of different complexity
- Movable birds
- sliding lock
- Door with the chain
- Pistons with falling figures
- Obstacles to the maze
- Labyrinth with animal figures
- Telephone with handset and ratchet dial
- Mirror plane
- Three moving gears with handle, animal picture and precipitation types

Templates, sticks for geobord, rubber,
Instructions, 6 base areas, box
Secure materials and fastenings.
Well thought-out function.
Free time for dad and mom.
№1 methodology of children's development in the world.

Weight - 3.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm
Edge size 28 x 27 x 45 cm