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Happy mother, happy child

We are often told that being a mother is just happiness and joy. But that's not entirely true. Sometimes nothing is said about the mother's emotional state, e.g. that she cannot sleep well because having a baby is a lot of stress. No matter how sure you are that you are ready, it is impossible to foresee everything. More importantly, understand that when their mother is extremely unhappy, the child will be influenced by their mom's condition and begin to get nervous themselves.

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There are many reasons for stress in young mothers, including when they don't have time to wash or tidy dishes. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to keep the child busy with something interesting and developing. Playing has to be relaxing not only for children but also for their parents. It is always more attractive to play together, and teamwork creates close contact. But how can one find such a toy that both the child and their parents will love? And most importantly, such a toy that helps not only to save time but also to develop various skills?

What kind of relaxing toys 202 1 ?

The children grow and develop very quickly. A common problem is that parents thoughtlessly buy a toy because of its appearance. For children, it is important to discover the toys with your eyes and your hands. This helps them remember and associate them better. Simple pyramids perform this function well, but children and their parents can get bored easily.

Fortunately, progress continues, which is why the motor skills cubes were discovered. This toy is so relaxing that the children and parents can focus entirely on it.

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Its characteristic feature is that, regardless of its size, the toy consists of several useful small parts. The child will play and develop at the same time. The motor skills cube looks like a cube, but there are many small parts on its sides that develop logical thinking, attention, imagination and, of course, fine motor skills. The most important thing is that motor skills cubes are made in different styles and with different details. This allows you to choose the most suitable toy for your child, or for your friends, other couple of young parents who want a bit of rest and relaxation.

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Another toy can relax and soothe not only the baby, but also his tired mother - a real doll's house that every little girl dreams of. Such a toy is not a waste of time, it is a dream come true that develops fine motor skills, because in our dollhouses there are many different small parts that your child can touch and examine carefully. To do this, your child will develop logical thinking as they choose the pieces of furniture that go together in the house and, of course, improve their sense of style. Who knows, maybe, will a dollhouse nurture your child's talent for design?

Ecologically and with love

Where can you find such entertaining toys that are completely harmless to the health of children and parents, and at the same time can attract children's attention for a long time?

Finding all these properties in a toy is an almost impossible task, but our online shop made it! Our motor skills cubes and dollhouses are made of wood, hand painted and assembled so that all small parts are securely attached so you don't have to worry about your baby's safety. The water-based paints used to paint the toys are also completely child-safe. They can be rinsed and licked if the child soils them.

You can find a motor skills cube that suits your taste as they are made in different sizes and colors with lots of small parts. For adults, all tasks seem easy, but for a child they are quite an interesting challenge. The motor skills cubes develop logical thinking, dexterity, which is very important from birth, and visual memory. An American psychologist T. Bauer said that a baby's visual world is sometimes complex, but not meaningless or chaotic. This quote confirms once again that it is very important for a child to look at things and find visual differences. A motor skills cube does a good job in this task: the child learns to differentiate between shapes and colors and to understand the relationship between small parts. On the motor skills cube , "in a balloon", there is a play socket and a play plug. Of course, they are only imitation and do not conduct electricity, but the child understands how such everyday objects work.

There is also motor skills board for young geniuses that are suitable for babies as early as 8 months. The motor skills board is a wooden stand with more than 15 small parts attached to each side. Another practical solution is a chalk board on the back. Your child can draw something on it so that the paper does not get scattered all over the place and the wallpaper remains unpainted.

Back to our dollhouses that every girl dreams about - another benefit should be noted. In addition to the environmentally friendly colors and composition, our dollhouse is very practical. It's not a doll's house without a back wall, a full-fledged house that can be opened like a book. You can play with your child in the evening, then put all the small parts there, close the dollhouse and put it in a suitable place.

The bridge between you and your child

motor skills cube motor skills cube wood activity cube wood motor skills cube made of wood motor skills cube motor skills cube wood large hape motor skills cube large motor skills cube 1 year

For a long time, the toys are no longer distracting and useless. In the first years of life, they become a bridge between the child's reality and consciousness. Thanks to them, the child learns to recognize, to perceive, to remember. Don't forget about safety - plastic toys are dangerous to health, so wooden toys are the best option. Toys from our are exciting tasks for babies and parents, painted in colors that please the eyes, with a large number of interesting small parts; and of course they are practical and childproof.

A happy mother is a woman who is calm about her business and knows what concerns her child in the meantime. And when the mother is happy, the child is happy too.

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