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The birth of a baby is a joyful event for every family. This happy news will be a great opportunity for family and friends to visit. At the same time, the guests consider it necessary to give the child a gift . And here the question arises: what to give a newborn baby ?

wooden toys motor skills motor skills toys wood Rattles rightly take first place. This type of motor skills toy has been known since ancient times. We offer to purchase a gift set with baby toys for a newborn . This is a set of five different wooden toys including rattles and a teether. motor skills toys 2 years motor skills toys from 1 year A mobile is a good present for a baby . This is a practical gift. We offer many models for every taste. For example, a wooden toy for a newborn is a mobile lion baby motor skills toys motor skills toys baby 9 months

It develops eyesight, calms the child, helps him fall asleep. Natural materials and handwork guarantee safety and quality.

 Ready-made kits for a newborn are very popular. The gift set will delight both parents and baby. Natural cotton, wood and silicone are ideal materials for children of all ages.

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You can find even more gift sets for a newborn in the special section on BIM-BA.SHOP

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The nice thing is that you can give children toys for the future "to grow" with. Our website offers a selection of gifts especially for such cases. Here you will find toys that help develop fine motor skills , thinking and logic. Our toys give the child an idea of shapes, textures and colors.

Among other things, we recommend buying. Wooden cubes are the most creative toys . Cubes have been tested by many generations. Your benefit is beyond doubt.

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In addition to giving birth to a baby , it is important for new parents to hear sincere congratulations and words of support. An attentive attitude will be comfortable for both the baby and the parent.

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