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My name is Jana Novák. I was always energetic and full of ideas. My whole life I searched for new experiences for me. In 2014, my marriage with Marek has become a project for me, which I put my focus with all my energy. My family now has a top priority in my life. We wished each other children. Marek and I got a daughter in 2017. We have become happy parents. And two years later we were twice as happy: we had a son!

While our children grew pavel and Anna, we got used to the new magical role of parents. My husband worked a lot. I dealt with my children and our house. Many mothers can well imagine my day: kitchen, walks, laundry service / dry cleaning, laundry, and activities and bathing with children. Once I found an interesting article written on Facebook, written by a children's psychologist. The expert has written about the need for special activities with children from early childhood. The idea of ​​early childhood development with special materials inspired me. I wanted the best for my children! The article also became one Motorikbord Recommended. I decided to get it at any price!

Vision of the brand

In 2019 I have the brand Founded. My love for my children and my husband and the experience of our family have caused me to make this step. My energy gave me a new direction! Today there is a wide selection of motorized Wooden toys for development On our website Bim-ba.shopOur team knows that children are best to get to know the world around it by playing.

Our business В Offers educational toys from natural materials. The most interesting, heart-moving and child-safe toys, who have already become favorite toys of children and their parents, are carefully selected from all over the world.

We believe that high-quality, interesting, aesthetically appealing and beautiful toy, which is made mainly of natural materials, is irreplaceable for the harmonious development of children. Educational valuable toys Promote the cognitive and mental development of your child and improve its creative skills.

Our direct cooperation with workshops, manufacturers and exclusive retailers from different countries guarantees that we only offer high quality products.



Best methodology of the development of children

All toys are manufactured according to the latest findings of the child psychologists and the Montessori method


Eco and handmade

Our educational toys are made of wood, painted by hand and assembled so that all small parts are securely fastened


Leisure for dad and mom

While your child develops when playing, you have time for yourself and your own things


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