Children from 0-3 years should only use the toy under the supervision of their parents!
In any case, read the safety rules and regulations for the use of toys before using the toy:
  1. Products in categories:
  • Montessori board
  • Educational toy

contain small components. There is a risk of suffocation if it comes into contact with the respiratory tract.

  1. When assembling the product, observe the points described in the operating instructions and observe them during use in order to avoid improper assembly and damage.

Safety regulations when installing the mobile (wooden mobile collection):

  • The mobile is not a toy! It is only used for optical stimulation and should always be placed out of reach of the baby.
  • The mobile must be placed at a height of 35-45 cm so that the child cannot reach it
  • As soon as your baby can stand up in its cot by itself, you should take the mobile away so that your child does not get tangled in the strings.

Safety regulations for the installation of the tent (collection of children's tipis and houses):

  • When installing Kindertipis, you must follow the installation instructions exactly.
  • If installed improperly, the design will be unstable, there is a risk of falling.

Safety regulations for the use of goods from the collection of movement toys (balance boards, balance simulators):

  • At the beginning of the training, it is recommended that you remove all fragile objects and things that could harm you within two meters of the balance simulator.
  • There is a high chance you will fall so we recommend using protective equipment.
  • Simulators and swings are not recommended for people with mental disorders, pregnant women, and children under 12 years of age without adult supervision.

Caution! Failure to observe the safety instructions can lead to injuries.